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Steve Lee may be the only Chinese Disabled Stand-Up Comedian working in America

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Steve Lee is a Chinese American Disabled Stand-Up comedian, actor, producer and writer. As an immigrant from Hong Kong, his comedy is centered around his experiences in both continents dealing with racism and living with disabilities, and his content is remarkably original. Rather than being encumbered by stereotypes, Steve is vitalized by them. He blends stories and punchlines to convey his belief that we are all equal - equally ignorant, fallible, weird, and desiring freedom. For Steve, comedy is a way to get people - including himself - to laugh about our own shortcomings and problems in our daily lives.

Steve's Stand-Up Comedy has an expanding fan-base on two continents. He is a staple at comedy clubs in L.A., San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai ,Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and has opened for headliners like Tom Rhodes, Tom Cotter, Brad Williams and Brent Weinbach. He is also a finalist of the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition, invited to perform at the Burbank Comedy Festivals 'Best of the Fest' show, part of the San Francisco SketchFest and was on the World Series of Comedy Final Week in Las Vegas.

Simply Us - Easterseals Disability Film Challenge (short film)

Producers / Writers: Steve Lee, Cire Hensman, Matt Musgrove, Gustavo Sainz, Efthemia Papadopoulos,

Actors with disabilities: Lila Hart, Steve Lee, Kevin Wooldridge Able body actors: Matt Musgrove, Danielle Swanson, Brian Larios, Al Medina, Efthemia Papadopoulos, Trevor Wooldridge, Gustavo Sainz De La Peña Background cast: Sergio Bonacci Lapalma, Brandon Doo, Jason Modrynski

Story: Two young actors standing up against discrimination after learning from a janitor about love and respect for their own true self.

Steve Lee Stand-Up Comedy (3 mins)

DEATHSQUAD KILL TONY Podcast (Live) Steve Lee

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